FC PC Fiber Optic Connectors

FC PC Fiber Optic Connectors Optico Communication Co., Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of network fiber components supplying FC PC Fiber Optic Connectors in Shenzhen, China. We have devoted to fiber optic industry for over 18 years since 2000. Due to our high quality and best service, our...
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Introduction of FC PC Fiber Optic Connectors

FC connector is best used in sinlge mode applications and known for exceptionally accurate positioning, the FC or fixed connection connector is designed for use in unstable environments because of their threaded barrel housing which provides a secure connection. Both FC pre-assembled connector and connector kit (unassemled) are vailable.

The Optico FC / PC connector is available in both singlemode and multimode versions, and is fully intermateable with NTT-FC products. Both singlemode and multimode versions come with a zirconia ceramic ferrule with pre-polished PC profile and convex spherical end. These endface types allow for faster polishing, and low back reflection and optical loss, while ensuring maximum repeatability.


FEATURES OF FC PC Fiber Connectors:

1.Comply with IEC61754-13, Telcordia-GR-326-cord.

2.Different housing colors are option

3.Insertion loss≤ 0.3dB(SM&MM); Return loss:SM≥50dB, APC≥60dB

4.Tesile strength:70N

5. Mating durablity ≤ 0.2dB(500 times);

6. RoHS copmliant.

7. Pre-assembled one piece designed to reduce aessembling time

8. Optical performance 100% factory tested.

Application :

1: Telecommunication networks;

2: Local area networks; CATV;

3: High density data center system networks;

FC / PC Connectors Specifications:

IL (Insertion Loss)≤ 0.3dB
RL (Return Loss)≥ 50dB
Operating Temperature-40 to 75
Durability≤ 0.1dBtypical change, 500matings
Available WavelengthSM=1310& 1550nm




FAQ of the FC / PC Fiber Optic Connectors :
Q1, Can mix different models in my order?
Yes, you can.

Q2, Besides fiber optic patch cord, what other fiber optic components do you produce?
Besides fiber patch cord, we also produce fiber optic pigtail, patch cable, PLC splitter, optical ODF, fiber optic cable, optical connector, optical adapter, etc.

Q3, Can you design products based on our requirements?
Yes, we have R&D team, and we can custom the product according to your requirements.

Q4, What's  nearest port in your place?
Shenzhen port.

Q5, What is your annual turnover?
5 million~10 million USD;

Q6, What is your main market?
Europe, North America, Oceania;

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