SC FTTH Fast Connector

SC FTTH Fast Connector Features: 1,low insertion loss; 2,high return loss; 3,high stability and flexibility; 4,convenient installation;
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Product Details

SC FTTH Fast Connector


Place of Origin: Shenzhen,China

Brand Name: OPTICO

Type: FTTx Solutions

No. of Fiber: 1


Original place: Shenzhen China

Connector type: SC/APC/UPC

Insert loss: <= 0.25db

weight per pcs: 3g

Return less: < -50db

Temperature: -40℃to 75℃

Application: FTTH,CATV ,CCTV

Repeatability test: IL≤0.2dB, RL>=5dB

Storage temperature: -40~85°C

Supply Ability: 300,000 pcs/month

Packaging: 10pcs/blister, 1000pcs/carton.

Port: Shenzhen


FTTH Fast connector SC APC/SC UPC


The fiber optic fast connector designed for FTTH. It is a new generation of fiber connector used in assembly. It can provide open flow and precast type, which optical and mechanical specification meets the standard optical fiber connector. It is designed for high quality and high efficiency for installation, the structure of crimping position is a unique design.

sc upc optic fast connector 1

sc upc optic fast connector 4

sc upc optic fast connector 2

Optical Fast Connector Characteristics

1.Nominal Wavelength(nm): SM 1310,1550,MM 850
2.Fiber Core Capacity: 1
3.Fiber Cladding: 125 fiber optic fast connector
4.Fiber Cord Type (mm): ø0.25, ø0.9
5.Insertion Loss (dB): SM 0.9Max GI 0.6Max
6.Return Loss (dB): SM 40Min
7.Ferrule End Face Criterion: SM SPC finish GI PC finish



1. No special tools needed when installed;
2. Can be made on-site without splicing connectors ;
3. Only 30 seconds needed to learn the process of installation and making;
4. Can be intalled and maked repeatedly thus avoiding loss






Optico Company Pictures

Optico Communication Workshop(1)

Fiber Optic Factory Manufacturer OPTICO


Connection Method Of Optical Fiber Fast Connector:

1. The splicing of the optical fiber by the cold splice is generally used for temporary rush through. To be permanent and durable, it is better to use a splicer for splicing.

2. First, use diagonal pliers to cut the steel wire inside the leather cable, the length is about 20cm, pay attention to the operation must be careful, not to break.

3. Next, use an optical cable stripper to open the sheathed cable, and expose the optical cable according to the predetermined length.

Put it into the guide slot of the optical cable stripper and pull it back 3.5cm, and then use the Miller wire to strip the plastic on the surface of the fiber. The bare fiber is exposed.

4. Put the beaten bare-fiber belt guide groove into a cutting knife and push it from the inside (on your own side) to the outside. Connect the cold terminal and press the yellow area forward.

5. Use it to test after connection to see if it is smooth.


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