SC UPC Optical Fast Connector

OPTICO are one of the leading manufacturer of FTTH SC UPC Optical Fast Connector and fiber optic components in Shenzhen, China. We have an experience of more than 12 year in this field.
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Product Details

SC UPC Optical Fast Connector


Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Brand Name: OPTICO

Model Number: SC UPC Fiber Optic Fast Connector

Product name: Fiber Fast Connector

Connector Type: SC UPC

Ferrule: UPC or APC

Fiber Mode: SM MM

Application: FTTH

Insertion Loss: 0.3dB~0.5dB

Return Loss:  50dB

Service Life: 20 Years

Sample status: In stock

Supply Ability: 100000 pcs/month

Packaging Details: 10pcs/blister  
Port: shenzhen


sc upc optic fast connector 1

SC UPC Optical Fast Connector

The SC/UPC fast connector are factory pre-polished, field-installable connectors that completely eliminate the need for hand polishing in the field. Proven mechanical splice technology ensuring precision fiber alignment, a factory pre-cleaved fiber stub and a proprietary index-matching gel combine to offer an immediate low loss termination to either single-mode or multimode optical


Product Name

fiber fast connector

Connector Type




Fiber Mode




Insertion Loss


Return Loss

≤ -40dB

Operation Temperature


Connection Steps:

1. Optical fiber quick connector is a very innovative field termination connector, which contains factory-installed optical fiber, pre-polished ceramic ferrule and a mechanical connection mechanism.

2. When terminating, only the incoming optical fiber or indoor optical fiber is inserted into the mechanical splicing mechanism, no other tools are needed, and the termination process only takes about 2 minutes, which greatly saves installation time.

3. The ferrule and end face of the optical fiber quick connector have been pre-polished and pre-polished before leaving the factory. The mechanical connection mechanism is located at the end of the ferrule to fix the inserted fiber.

4. The mechanical splicing mechanism is mainly composed of a V-shaped groove and a clamping element; when the fiber needs to be inserted, the V-shaped groove is opened with a wedge clamp to facilitate the smooth insertion of the fiber.

5. When the optical fiber is inserted into the V-shaped groove and fixed, just pull out the wedge clamp from the V-shaped groove.




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Fiber Optic Factory Manufacturer OPTICO

OPTICO COMMUNICATION ( focuses on the development of fiber optic network communication product lines and provides a comprehensive solution to the fiber connectivity system components. We supply fiber optic components, such as fiber patch cord, PLC splitter, SFP transceiver, MTP/MPO, CWDM/DWDM, FTTH solution, Data center wiring solution, etc. All the products adopt strict quality standards in the production and inspection, ensuring excellent operation performance and good product stability, and safely and reliably ensuring the long-term use of products.
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