FTTH Panel Terminal Box

FTTH Panel is used in Optical fiber communication system ODF stand, ODF stand and distribution, can easily realize the connection, distribution and scheduling of optical fiber lines.
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FTTH Panel Terminal Box

Product Description:

The FTTH panel optical fiber terminal box is the end connector of an optical cable. One end is an optical cable and the other end is a pigtail. It is equivalent to a device that splits an optical cable into a single optical fiber. The user's optical fiber terminal box installed on the wall, its function is to provide The fusion of optical fiber and optical fiber, the fusion of optical fiber and pigtail, and the handover of optical connector. And provide mechanical protection and environmental protection for optical fibers and their components, and allow appropriate inspections to maintain the highest standards of optical fiber management.

FTTH fiber optical panel 12 24 ports main distribution frame is used for connecting optical fiber and equipment in central office. 19” 1U standard distribution box can be installed in the cabinet. The front panel can be rotatable and the FTTH panel is removable. It is suitable for operation and maintenance. It is mainly used in the CATV, telecommunication equipment room and network equipment room.

FTTH Panel

Main Features:

Full modular design, full frontal operation;

The fusion and distribution is combined, making the maximum density;

It can be mounted on a 19-inch standard frame;

Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon cable;

Suitable for many kinds of adapters such as FC, SC, ST and LC, etc.;

The 30 ° cassette type installation of adapter and equipment, not only ensures the jumper wire bending radius of curvature, but also can avoid laser burns to the human eye, Easy to operate, perfect protection;

Both fiber optic cable and tail fiber have more than 2m disk storage space;

Very convenient fiber and additional adapter installation;

Excellent mechanic performance, solid and durable;

1U size up to 24 ports, 1 front panels, 2 cable entries;

All accessories included;

Easy to operate and convenient for maintenance;

Front panels suitable for FC, SC adapters;

Metal material box;

General Information:

Dimension: 426(L)*242(W)*44(H)mm

Inlet & outlet: 2pcs

Tray: 1 pcs

Operation temperature: -40~+85°C;

Accessories: insulation tape, nylon tie, fixer

CATV System;


Shipping Ways:

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Company Certificates:

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Company Strength:

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