FTTH Fiber Panel

The FTTH Fiber Panel is the end of a cable, one is the cable, the other is the pigtail, the equivalent of a fiber optic cable is split into a single optical fiber equipment, installed on the wall of the user cable terminal box, its function is to provide Fiber and fiber welding, fiber and pigtail welding and optical connector transfer. And to provide mechanical protection and environmental protection for optical fibers and their components, and to allow proper inspection to maintain the highest standards of fiber management.
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Product Details

FTTH Fiber panel Brief Product Description:

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                                                                         FTTH Fiber Panel

Characteristics of FTTH Fiber Panel:

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Trade Info of FTTH Fiber Panel: 
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Product Qualification of the FTTH Fiber Panel:

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Packing Details of FTTH Fiber Panel:

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lead time, Delivery Ways of the FTTH Fiber Panel:

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