Optical Line Protection Switch

Optical Line Protection Switch

OLP optical line protection equipment is a protection system for optical fiber link backup, which can realize optical power monitoring, optical path automatic switching, and network management.
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Optical Line Protection Switch

In the optical communication network, when the optical power of the main optical path is less than the preset value, OLP turns on the alarm and automatically switches to the backup optical fiber to protect the normal operation of the optical transmission system.


Autonomous monitoring, sensitive switching


C/DWDM system

PDH, SDH system

Telecommunications private network

CATV optical network

Other optical line protection systems

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This product is single-fiber bidirectional, plug-in type.

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Working wavelengthC21-C60/1270nm~1610nmReturn loss≥55dB
Insertion lossSplitter<3.8dB, BIDI OLP<1.2dBPower range+23~-50dBm
Monitor power resolution0.01dBMonitor power accuracy±0.25dB
Crosstalk≥55dBSwitching speed<15ms
managementSNMPMaximum optical power load300mW
ConnectorLC/UPCApplicable modelsFMT managed case
Operating temperature-10~+50°CStorage temperature-40~+80°C
Chassis type1U, 2U, 4UPackagePlug-in

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