3D Interference Index—Standard For High-quality Fiber Optic Connectors

- Jul 15, 2020-

3D Interference Index—Standard For High-quality Fiber Optic Connectors


Fiber optic connector is an important connection device, its basic parameters and optical parameters. Only when the optical parameters meet the requirements, optical connection. How to improve the stability, reliability and quality of high-speed networks? The method is to control the 3D interference index of the optical fiber connector. In other words, the method is to control the fiber connector geometry of the polishing technology and the connection between the end faces to achieve high accuracy. There are three important technical parameters to test the end face geometry of the fiber optic connector: radius of curvature, apex offset and core height, which constitute the 3d interference index.


3D Interference Index—Itandard For High-quality Fiber Optic Connectors

1. Radius of curvature

Near the point on the radius of curvature curve is defined as "positive arc of maximum radius." The face-to-face purpose can be any radius of curvature of the ferrule shaft radius, that is, the radius of the ferrule end face curve. The radius of curvature of the compressive force controls the strength to keep the fiber center matching. The radius of curvature increases or decreases the pressure of fiber failure, and the final matching aging effect will lead to fiber center spacing.


2. Vertex offset

The highest point of the apex offset curve of the ferrule end face is the distance of the axis of the fiber core. The offset will increase if large insertion loss and return loss, as shown in the figure: affect the result of the connection.


3. Core height

Core height The height of the fiber is the distance between the end face of the fiber and the end face of the ferrule. The height of the fiber is used to measure the contact between the fiber and the fiber. When the material expands and shortens, the fiber depression will form an air gap between the fiber contacts and change the insertion. And return loss, the height of the fiber will increase the pressure between the fibers, thereby damaging the fiber, or the pressure will be transmitted to the material that fixes the fiber, thereby destroying the fixation of the fiber and affecting the stability of performance.


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