AOC (Active Optical Cable)

- Jan 17, 2019-

Active Optical Cable

AOC (Active Optical Cables) active optical cable refers to a communication cable that needs to use an external energy source to convert an electrical signal into an optical signal or convert an optical signal into an electrical signal. The optical transceivers at both ends of the optical cable provide photoelectric conversion and Optical transmission function.

AOC(Active Optical Cables)

In the era of big data, there are more and more high-density and high-bandwidth applications. At this time, passive optical cables or copper-based cable systems are stretched. In order to ensure the stability of transmission and flexible application, users are in urgent need of a new type of product as the main transmission medium for high-performance computing and data centers. Under this circumstance, active optical cable products have emerged.

Compared with traditional cables, active optical cables have many advantages such as high transmission rate, long transmission distance, low energy consumption, and convenient use. They can help communication devices enjoy the huge advantages of optical transmission, and are ideal for data centers and consumer electronics. Transmission cable.

With the irreversible trend of "light into copper retreat", the future will be the era of "all-optical network", and active optical cable technology will penetrate into every corner of the high-speed interconnection market.

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