Armored Fiber Jumper Common Sense

- Jun 18, 2020-

Armored Fiber Jumper Common Sense


Armored jumper, as the name implies, is a kind of optical cable wrapped with a protective "armor" on the outside. Its armor is mainly used to protect twisted animals from fiber optic cable from biting, moisture erosion or other damage.


Armored Fiber Patch Cord Common Sense

Why use armored jumpers?

However, this optical cable laying method is very complicated, and it will take a lot of time and labor costs. Therefore, it is designed to add a layer of protective armored jumper in the optical cable, which has the functions of resisting strong pressure and stretching, can effectively adapt to the harsh porous environment, and the wiring is much more flexible than the pipeline wiring. Armored jumpers have been widely used in the field of optical communications.


Construction of armored jumper

1. Outer sheath: In the design of the armored jumper, the outer sleeve can protect the optical cable from damage by solvents and abrasion. Usually, the outer sleeve is made of plastic, such as polyethylene;

2. Metal armor: between the outer tube and the inner sheath is armor. The armor material is difficult to cut, bite and burn, and can also prevent the optical cable from being stretched during the laying process. As shown in the following figure, the 12-core armored jumper has 12 optical fibers and two layers of inner and outer sheaths. The metal armor is located between the inner and outer sheaths, and there is another layer between the outer sheath and the metal armor. Aramid yarn

3. Inner sheath: It is a protective and flame retardant material that can support the internal optical cable harness. In simple terms, in the armored cable, the buffer pipe is surrounded by a layer of aramid yarn, a layer of polyethylene, and a layer of corrugated steel armor.

Armored jumper type

1. Indoor armor jumper: indoor armor jumper includes single-layer armor and double-layer armor jumper. Among them, the double-layer armored jumper is used in the near-shore shallow sea, and the single-layer armored jumper is used for other occasions outside these extreme conditions;

2. Usually armored jumpers can be divided into light armored jumpers and heavy armored jumpers. Generally, heavy armored jumpers are used on river bottoms and seabeds, so the price of light armored jumpers is cheaper than heavy armored jumpers;

3. Interlocking armoured jumper: The interlocking armor is an aluminum armored spiral cable, commonly used in indoor and high-rise general environments, with high durability and high compression resistance;

4. Corrugated armored jumper: The corrugated armor is the initial folds and folds of the cable wrapped with steel tape. The surface environment that is often used has super mechanical properties and provides protection against gnawed animals.

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