Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cord

- Jun 24, 2020-

Armored Fiber Optic Patch Cord


"Flexible metal armored optical fiber patch cord" is a bare fiber and various specifications of tight-fitted optical fiber through a special processing technology, with a certain structural design, a flat profile spiral stainless steel material is coated around the optical fiber. In addition to affecting the various superior optical properties possessed by the optical fiber itself, the ability of the optical fiber line to resist lateral pressure is greatly improved.


Armour fiber patch cord 4


1. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor direct laying optical patch cables along the wall, roof, mezzanine and conduit connection. The pigtails and movable connecting wires of the communication equipment designed and produced with a standard and strong structure can be directly used for the connection between the equipment.

2. Indoor horizontal wiring, vertical wiring in the building, LAM network, suitable for the connection of multiple information points, it is recommended to be used in direct connection with the end user.

3. Between outdoor buildings, community backbone network wiring; outdoor wiring is directly introduced indoors to reduce costs.

4. Used as the tail cable of the backbone network, directly connected to the equipment in the building from the backbone network to isolate lightning and improve system reliability.

5. The minimum bending radius is small, it can be used for large-capacity, multi-client indoor laying, unit wiring, and can be used for independent branching, which can be easily connected to each end connection device.

6. Recommended for high-density wiring, installation space and installation curvature is small



1: Solve the protection of the bare fiber against side pressure, impact, and rat bites

2: Make the structure of the optical cable more reasonable, simpler and more superior in performance

3: Reduce the cost of optical cable and reduce waste of resources

4: You can change the existing performance of the product according to customer requirements

High-strength aramid reinforcement to ensure that the optical fiber has no tensile strain. The outer warp is a standard optical cable. The outer warp is suitable for the application of various connector parts. It uses flame-retardant, environmentally friendly, or high temperature resistant optical cable coating materials, and the outer warp is small. , Light weight, good bending performance and high flexibility.


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