Armored Fiber Patch Cord

- Apr 17, 2018-

Armored Fiber Patch Cord


Metal armored fiber optic patch cords are bare steel fibers, and various types of tight-fitting fiber optics are manufactured through a special process. They are designed with a certain structure and are covered with a flat profile of spiral stainless steel material around the fiber without affecting the fiber optics. In addition to its own superior optical properties, it greatly improves the anti-side pressure capability of the optical fiber itself.


armored patch cord.jpg

Optical cable structure

High-strength aramid reinforcement to ensure that the fiber does not have tensile strain transforming. The external beam is a standard fiber optic cable suitable for a wide variety of connector applications. It is flame-retardant, environmentally friendly, or high-temperature resistant. , light weight, good bending performance with high flexibility.


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