Backbone Network, Internet Backbone

- Mar 31, 2020-

Backbone Network


Backbone Network is a high-speed network used to connect multiple areas or regions. Each backbone network has at least one connection point for interworking with other backbone networks. Different network providers have their own backbone networks to connect their networks in different regions.


Backbone Network

Internet backbone

Several computers are connected to each other and can see other people's files. This is called a local area network. Computers in the entire city are connected, which is the metropolitan area network. The network that connects the cities is called the backbone network. These backbone networks are the Internet approved by the state and can be directly connected to foreign countries. Other ISPs (Internet Service Providers) with access functions would have to go through these backbone networks even if they want to go abroad.


"Backbone network" is usually a term often used to describe large-scale network structures. When describing the network structure, it is necessary to clearly understand the network topology, not the specific transmission method or protocol. The backbone network is generally a wide area network: the range of tens to thousands of kilometers. The backbone network is composed of multiple transmission methods and multiple protocol combinations.


With the rapid development of modern telecommunications, computer and Internet technologies, data, voice, video and other business transmissions are constantly growing and showing a convergence trend. The existing network has been unable to meet the rapidly growing business needs, and a new type of Broadband backbone network to carry these fast-growing services.


In the future, the broadband backbone network will take on the task of unifying the three networks and provide a platform for supporting multiple services. The network must first have high efficiency to make the network layer more concise and high transmission efficiency. In addition, work needs to be done at the network layer or higher application level to improve the service quality, traffic monitoring and network management functions to A higher realm.


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