CATV (Cable TV system)

- May 04, 2019-

CATV (Cable TV system)


CATV, (Cable TV system) cable TV system. Cable TV network (CATV) network is an efficient and cheap integrated network, it has frequency bandwidth, large capacity, multi-function, low cost, strong anti-interference ability, support a variety of business connections thousand The advantage of 10,000 households, its development laid the foundation for the development of the information superhighway. Judging from the development of CATV network in recent years in China, more than 1,500 cable TV stations have been built nationwide, with more than 80 million users, covering 50% of the country's coverage, and growing at a rate of 30% every year. TV has become one of the most important information tools for households in China. CATV has become the most popular multimedia channel for families, but it still uses coaxial cable to transmit TV programs to users. It is still at the analog level. Broadband two-way on-demand television (VOD) and access to the Internet via CATV network for TV on demand, CATV call, etc. is the development direction of CATV network, and the ultimate goal is to make the CATV network go to the broadband two-way multimedia communication network.


CATV (Cable TV system)

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