Data Center Maintenance Methods And Daily Management

- May 22, 2020-

Data Center Maintenance Methods And Daily Management


Once the design and installation of the cooling system of the data center is completed, in order to ensure the high performance of the system, it is important to carry out follow-up inspections. More importantly, it is necessary to maintain a clean passage between the hot air discharged from the server and the return air duct of the air conditioner. Many factors can reduce the operating efficiency and power density capabilities of existing cooling systems. Therefore, pay attention to the following points in daily maintenance management:

Data Center Maintenance Methods And Daily Management

1. Conduct a "health check".

Check the total cooling capacity to ensure that the IT equipment in the data center does not exceed the total cooling capacity.

Check that all fans and alarm devices are operating properly to ensure the cleanliness of the filter.

Check the condition of the cooler and external condenser and primary cooling circuit.

Check the temperature at important locations in the data center aisle.

Record the temperature at the air inlets at the bottom, middle and top of each set of racks and compare with the recommended value of the IT equipment manufacturer.

Check for rack gaps that may affect cooling performance (free rack space without baffles, empty blade slots without baffles, unclosed cable openings) or excess cables. Install baffles in the rack and implement a cable management system. Allow the hot air flowing out of the bottom of the device to return to the air inlet through the unused longitudinal space in the rack, so that the device does not need to heat up.

2. Start the cooling system maintenance system. A regular maintenance system should be implemented to meet the guidelines recommended by the cooling equipment manufacturer. During the commissioning of air conditioners, only the commissioning of single-unit operating conditions is emphasized, and the comprehensive energy efficiency commissioning of air-conditioning unit joint operation is ignored. The design requirements of the final simulation of static operation should be static. The internal and external static pressure values at each air outlet.

3. Separate the high-density racks. If high-density racks are tightly packed together, the cooling capacity of most cooling systems is insufficient. It is recommended that the construction department cooperate with the business department. The construction department should submit the results of the acceptance test to the business department as a general guide to plan the installation and use area of each tenant and provide differentiated services (individual communication cabinets with large power consumption should be arranged at high static pressure first Area in order to get higher than average cooling capacity).

4. Formulate the specification of the users of the data center computer room. According to the design data of each data center computer room and the post-rectification situation, it clearly stipulates the mandatory requirements such as the maximum power consumption of the racks, the maximum number of rack-mounted servers and the server installation intervals, and guides the business department to develop users and ensure the safety of the entire machine room. 

5. Block the floor pores in time, remove the underground obstacles and close the floor gap, turn on the air conditioning unit in the corresponding area in time, and actively test the temperature of the exhaust side of each cabinet regularly to adjust the air supply volume and inward direction of each cabinet, according to the dynamic situation of assembly and disassembly in time Adjust the air intake of each cabinet. The adjustment of the air-conditioning system to the existing equipment should be based on the total cooling capacity, total air supply volume and temperature data.

6. The fan of the server should be turned as low as possible, and the cold air should be kept in the server for as long as possible. Increase the temperature rise. It is best if the temperature rise can reach above 13 ℃.

7. Modeling and calculating intelligent cooling system. Based on the air conditioning engineering, computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer theory, according to the design method of the DCTA thermal model, the relevant professional software such as Tileflow and Flovent and other software are used to calculate the basic CFD (computer fluid dynamics) model of the data center computer room. After the model is activated, the CFD model is simulated and analyzed according to the different layout scenarios of the data center, and the temperature field distribution map of the data center in different scenarios and other relevant data results are obtained to guide the overall layout of the computer room.


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