Direct Connection Module

- Jan 07, 2019-

Direct Connection Module


The direct connection module is one of the network connection modules and is also called the RJ45 network connector. The RJ45 crystal head is provided at both ends, and the network cable can be directly connected at both ends to extend the network cable. It is usually used together with panels and distribution frames to secure and connect the network cables through the card slots. The method of use is extremely simple and flexible, does not require any wire-punching tools, can protect the network cable interface from damage, and can also make the network wiring environment more beautiful.


Direct Connection Module CAT

The Direct Connection Module Is Divided Into Two Types: 1 To 1 Straight And 2 To 1 Straight.

The most commonly used 1 to 1 straight-through modules on the market today are the Super Category 5 Cat5e pass-through modules and the Category 6 Cat6 pass-through modules. The Super Category 5 Cat5e and Category 6 Cat6 pass-through modules are available in both unshielded UTP and shielded FTP. They are connected to the corresponding network jumpers to enable network connection.

The 2-to-1 straight-through module is also called the network three-way head, which can realize the mobile use of one computer, eliminating the trouble of plugging and unplugging the network cable. It should be noted that it does not allow two computers to access the Internet at the same time. It can also be connected to a single interface as an extended network cable.

What is the difference between a pass-through module and a normal network module?

Network modules are widely used in communication networks. In addition to the pass-through modules, there are two types of hands-free modules and wire-wiring modules.

The straight-through module has a crystal head at both ends, which can be connected directly through the card slot. The free-to-play module has only one end connected with a crystal head, and the other end is connected to the network cable without a crystal head. When the network cable is terminated, the wire-punching tool is not used, and the operation is also convenient; the wire-end module has no crystal head at both ends. When the network cable is terminated, it needs to use the wire-punching tool, which is complicated to operate, and has been gradually replaced by the module.


Direct Connection Module

The pass-through module is widely used in the interface of 100-megabit and Gigabit network cables and the interface for protecting network-connected devices. It is more common in schools, governments, banks, hotels, factory commercial office buildings and other environments.

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