DUCT Fiber Cable

- Apr 10, 2018-

DUCT Fiber Cable:

DUCT Pipeline fiber optic cable is an outdoor fiber optic cable used in an access network or a customer premises network.

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A type of communication fiber cable laying method. The laying of DUCT pipelines fiber cable is generally in urban areas. The environment for laying pipes is better. Therefore, there is no special requirement for optical cable sheathing and no outfitting is required. Before laying the pipe, the length of the laying section and the position of the connection point must be selected. Mechanical bypass or manual traction can be used when laying. The traction of a traction should not exceed the allowable tension of the cable. The materials used for making pipelines can be selected according to geography such as concrete, asbestos cement, steel pipes, and plastic pipes.


It is used in the access network or customer premises network to introduce the optical cable from the outside into the room.

It is used for the cable entry of buildings in integrated wiring, especially when the indoor or outdoor overhead is introduced.


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