DWDM Technology 5G Network Component

- Mar 28, 2019-

DWDM technology utilizes the bandwidth and low loss characteristics of single-mode fiber, and uses multiple wavelengths as carriers to allow each carrier channel to be transmitted simultaneously in the fiber. Compared with the universal single-channel system, dense WDM-DWDM not only greatly improves the communication capacity of the network system, but also makes full use of the bandwidth of the optical fiber, and it has many advantages such as simple expansion and reliable performance, especially its direct access. A variety of businesses make its application prospects very bright. 

In the analog carrier communication system, in order to make full use of the bandwidth resources of the cable and improve the transmission capacity of the system, a frequency division multiplexing method is generally used, that is, signals of several channels are simultaneously transmitted in the same cable, and the receiving end is based on each carrier frequency. The difference is the use of a bandpass filter to filter out the signal of each channel. Similarly, optical frequency division multiplexing can also be used in optical fiber communication systems to increase the transmission capacity of the system. In fact, such multiplexing methods are very effective in fiber-optic communication systems. Different from the frequency division multiplexing in the analog carrier communication system, in the optical fiber communication system, the light wave is used as the carrier of the signal, and the low loss window of the optical fiber is divided into two according to the frequency (or wavelength) of each channel light wave. A number of channels to achieve multiplexed transmission of multiple optical signals in one fiber.

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