Fiber Array

- Dec 25, 2018-

A fiber array (called FA) uses a V-groove (V-Groove) to mount an optical fiber, a bundle of fibers, or a ribbon on an array substrate. The fiber array is a portion of the bare fiber from which the fiber coating is removed and placed in the V-groove, pressurized by the presser member and bonded by the adhesive. At the front end, the fiber is precisely positioned to connect to the PLC. The joints of the different fibers are mounted on the array substrate.

Fiber arrays are primarily used to transfer images directly. A plurality of optical fibers are arranged in a certain order to form a desired geometric shape to form an optical fiber array. The positions of the optical fibers at both ends of the array are in one-to-one correspondence. One optical fiber in the array is equivalent to one pixel, and the optical image at one end of the optical fiber array is in the array. The other end is reproduced. Medical fiber optic endoscopes are made using this principle.

Applications: planar optical waveguides, arrayed waveguide gratings; active/passive array fiber optic devices, MEMS; multi-channel optical modules.

Optico provides full series FA from 2ch to 128ch as well as in 8°,0°,45°,etc. All can be customized.

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