Fiber coating

- Mar 27, 2018-

Fiber coating


The outermost structure of the fiber. While the glass fiber is pulled out by the preform, an ultraviolet-cured layer of elastic paint is used to prevent contamination by the dust. It is composed of acrylic, silicone rubber and nylon.


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Principle: Moist air and mechanical external force will cause hydrolysis and stress corrosion at the surface of the optical fiber for cracks and external force abrasions, causing fatigue fracture of the optical fiber.

Effect: Protect the surface of optical fiber from moisture gas and external force scratches, give optical fiber to improve anti-microbend performance, and reduce the micro-bend additional loss function of optical fiber.

Classification: UV light curing pre-coating layer + heat curing fiber pre-coating layer;

UV curing advantages: fast curing (suitable for high speed drawing), good product performance, low production cost;


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