Fiber Optic Cable Cross Connect Cabinet

- Jan 25, 2018-

Fiber Optic Cable Cross Connect Cabinet


Fiber optic cable cross cabinet is a cross connect equipment providing end-to-end and jumper pick-up for trunk layer of optical cable and wiring optical fiber cable. After the introduction of optical fiber cable into the cross connect cabinet, fixed, terminated and configurated fibers, connect trunk fiber layer cable and wiring layer fiber cable by using fiber patch cords.


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Optical cable cross connect cabinet is connection equipment mainly used for the connection between trunk fiber layer cable and wiring layer fiber cable when fiber optic cable access network. The structure of the cable cross connect cabinet is mainly composed of a box, an internal gold work-piece, an optical fiber movable connector and a backup attachment. In accordance with the use of different occasions, can be divided into two types: indoor and outdoor. It can be installed on floor, aerial, wall-mounted. The size of outdoor fiber cable cross connect cabinet dimensions should not exceed 1 600 mm'1 100 mm'400 mm (high 'width' deep).



Fiber optic cable cross connect cabinet is an outdoor-installed connection equipment, its most fundamental requirement is to be able to withstand the drastic changes in the climate and harsh working conditions. It should have the characteristics of preventing water vapor condensation, water and dust, pest control and rodent damage, impact damage ability. It must be able to withstand the harshest external environment. Therefore, the outside of the cabinet has high requirements on the waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-impact damage, pest control pests, etc. And the inside has high requirements of the temperature and humidity control. According to international standards, the highest standard of these projects is IP66. 


① The active optical fiber connector shall meet the requirements of "insertion loss" and "return loss" specified in the relevant standards of the selected type.

② The withstand voltage level between the high-pressure protective earthing device and the metal work-piece of the cabinet should be no less than the DC 3000V, 1min no breakdown without flash-over.

(3) The insulation resistance between the high-voltage protective earthing device and the box metal workpiece should not be less than 2'104MW under the condition that the test voltage is 500V DC.

④ the ground cross-section connected to high voltage protective earthing device and the metal core in cable, tidal layer and armor layer should not be less than 6mm2. 


IP65 grade stainless steel

● The cabinet is made of high strength stainless steel plate, high strength, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, and can withstand accidental or vicious damage

● All corners of the cabinet using a special round molding mold forming, surface treatment using wire drawing or electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance

● Double-layer structure of the cabinet, filled with high-performance insulation materials in the middle, has a good thermal insulation effect, which can effectively prevent moisture condensation inside the box

● The door using special sealed door sealing, waterproof door locks and three-point locking door lock, safe and reliable, good sealing

● Adopt 12-core fusion wiring integrated module

● Can be installed with FC, SC fiber optic adapter

● Reliable device for cable fixing and grounding protection

● Suitable for single-core and ribbon cable into the end

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