Fiber Optic Fast Connector

- Apr 25, 2018-

Fiber Optic Fast Connector


Optical fiber connectors, commonly known as Connectors, are generally called optical connectors. They are passive devices that can be used to connect two optical fibers or optical cables to form a continuous optical path. They have been widely used in fiber transmission lines, optical fiber distribution frames, optical fiber test instruments and meters. Optical fiber connectors are most commonly used optical passive devices.


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The performance of the optical fiber connector is first of all optical performance. In addition, the interchangeability, repeatability, tensile strength, temperature, and number of plugs and withdrawals of the optical fiber connector must also be considered.


OPTICO COMMUNICATION focuses on manufacturing and developing fiber optic product lines and provides a comprehensive solution to the fiber connectivity system componentslike fiber optic connectors, fiber optic patch cords(E2000SC, FC, LC, ST, MTP/MPO, MTRJ, etc),fiber PLC Splitters, pigtails, WDM(CWDM/DWDM) devices, AWG devices, various ODN products and FTTX accessories. All OPTICO products adopt the strict quality standards in the production and inspection, ensuring excellent operation performance, good stability, and the long-term use of our products.

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