Fiber optic transceivers / Fiber Media Converter

- Jan 23, 2018-

Fiber optic transceivers / Fiber Media Converter


Fiber optic transceivers, is an Ethernet transport media conversion unit that interchanges short-distance electrical signals in twisted pair with long-distance optical signals. It is also known as a Fiber Converter in many places. Products are generally used in practical network environments that can not be covered by Ethernet cables and must use optical fibers to extend the transmission distance. They are usually located at access layer applications of broadband metropolitan area networks, such as monitoring high-definition video transmission of security engineering; It also plays a huge role in helping to connect the last-mile fiber line to the metropolitan area network and beyond.

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Fiber optic transceivers are typically used in physical networks where can not be covered by Ethernet cables, optical fibers must be used to extend the transmission distance, and plays a huge role in helping to connect the last-mile fiber line to the metropolitan area network and beyond. With fiber-optic transceivers, it also provides a cheap solution for upgrading from CAT cable to fiber cable, and for users who lack the money, time, or manpower to upgrade their system from copper to fiber. The function of optical fiber transceiver is to convert the electrical signal that we want to send out, into optical signal and send out. At the same time, the received optical signal can be converted into an electrical signal and input to our receiving end.


Fiber optic transceivers usually have the following basic features:

1. Provide ultra-low latency data transfer.

2. Completely transparent to network protocols.

3. Dedicated ASIC chip to achieve data line speed forwarding. Programmable ASIC will integrates a number of functions on a single chip, with advantages of simple design, high reliability, low power consumption, etc. It can make the device get higher performance and lower cost.

4. Rack-mounted devices provide hot-swappable function for easy maintenance and non-stop upgrades.

5. Managed devices provide network diagnostics, upgrades, status reports, exception reporting and control functions, providing complete operational and alarm logs.

6. The quipment is with 1 +1 power supply design, supporting for ultra-wide power supply voltage, providing power protection and automatic switching.

7. Supports wide operating temperature range.

8. Support a full range of transmission (0 ~ 120 km).

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