Four kinds of Base-24 structured cabling schemes in 40/100G networks-No.1

- Mar 22, 2021-


With the increase in business volume and users' demand for greater bandwidth, large-scale enterprise networks have begun to upgrade from 10G to 40G to 100G, among which Base-24 MTP/MPO structured cabling plays an important role.

When the network grows from 10Gbps to 40G or 100G, it will use Base-24 MTP structured cabling, which is convenient to support more and more advanced applications (such as AR, VR). Base-24 MTP structured cabling based on 24-core MTP connection can provide different types of solutions for 40G/100G networks.

OPTICO will provide you with four typical Base-24 MTP structured cabling solutions, here is the first one.

1. Accessories involved in this program:

Duplex LC jumper;

B polarity 24-core MTP fiber jumper;

8-core/12-core MTP fiber jumper;

24-core MTP-LC optical fiber distribution box;

MTP adapter panel.

2. Connection method:

The 24-core MTP optical fiber jumper can realize the conversion from 24-core to dual-core by using the 24-core MTP-LC optical fiber distribution box. Among them, polarity B MTP fiber optic patch cords and 8-core/12-core MTP fiber optic patch cords have a similar way to manage port polarity.

3. Advantages of the program:

Compared with 8-core and 12-core MTP fiber optic patch cords, 24-core MTP fiber optic patch cords can achieve higher port density, which is three times that of 8-core MTP fiber optic patch cords and two-core MTP fiber optic patch cords. Times. In addition, for traditional LC wiring, the area occupied by the 24-core MTP connector is about 30% less than that of the 12-core MTP connector.

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