Four kinds of Base-24 structured cabling schemes in 40/100G networks-No.4

- Mar 22, 2021-

When the network grows from 10Gbps to 40G or 100G, it will use Base-24 MTP structured cabling, which is convenient to support more and more advanced applications (such as AR, VR). Base-24 MTP structured cabling based on 24-core MTP connection can provide different types of solutions for 40G/100G networks.

OPTICO will provide you with four typical Base-24 MTP structured cabling solutions, and here is the fourth one.

1. Accessories involved in this program:

MTP 1X3 conversion jumper;

B polarity 24-core MTP fiber jumper;

MTP-LC branch jumper;

MTP adapter panel.

2. Connection method:

Base-24 MTP structured cabling can provide 100G SR-10 applications with only ten pairs of 10x10G configuration multimode fibers to achieve connection, even if some suppliers have extended 100G SR-10 applications to provide 12x10G (120G ), 24-core MTP fiber jumper can also provide the simplest and direct connection for its application.

Among them, in 120G parallel applications, 120G ports can be configured as 12 independent 10G links, and then connected to the server through a 24-core MTP-12LC duplex branch fiber jumper. At the same time, it can also be configured as three 40G links, connected to the network switch through a 24-core MTP-3x8-core MTP fiber jumper.

3. Advantages of the program:

All in all, Base-24 MTP structured cabling based on 24-core MTP connection is the most cost-effective solution for deploying parallel and duplex fiber applications. Compared with three 8-pin MTP connectors and two 12-pin MTP connectors, 24-pin MTP connectors provide higher density and effectively shorten the cleaning and inspection time during MTP system installation.

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