FTTB, Fiber to The Building

- Apr 11, 2019-

FTTB, Fiber to The Building


FTTB(Fiber to The Building), uses digital broadband technology to directly connect the fiber to the community and then to each user through twisted pair (Super Category 5 twisted pair or 4 pairs of unshielded twisted pair) .


FTTB (Fiber To The Building): It is a network connection mode of FTTX+LAN. It mainly connects optical signals into the main distribution box of an office building or apartment building to realize access to optical fiber signals, but in an office building or The interior of the apartment building is still using the coaxial cable, twisted pair or fiber optic to achieve the signal distribution input to achieve high-speed data applications. We call FTTX+LAN Broadband Access Network (FTTB), which is the most reasonable, practical and cost-effective broadband access method.


FTTB, Fiber to The Building


FTTB uses dedicated line access, no dialing required, and the installation is simple. The client only needs to install a network card on the computer to perform 24-hour high-speed Internet access. FTTB provides a maximum uplink and downlink rate of 10Mbps (exclusive).

And based on the IP speed limit, when the bandwidth is full, the delay will not increase.


The advantages of FTTB as a high-speed Internet access method are obvious, but we should also see that ISPs must invest a lot of money to lay high-speed networks to each user's home, thus greatly limiting the promotion and application of FTTB. Most netizens still need to do a lot of work.


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