FTTD (Fiber to The Desktop)

- Mar 28, 2019-

FTTD (Fiber to The Desktop)

That is, the optical fiber replaces the traditional Category 5 line to extend the optical fiber to the user terminal computer, so that the user terminal can access the network through the optical fiber. FTTD access technology is a network technology that has emerged in recent years and is now widely used.

FTTD (Fiber to The Desktop)


Fiber to The Desktop (FTTD)

There are obvious advantages to replacing traditional Category 5 cables with fiber optics in computer networks:

Ultra-high stability communication bandwidth: 100M duplex, 1000M duplex

Ultra long distance transmission

The content of the communication is absolutely confidential, and the third party cannot eavesdrop

High reliability: absolute anti-electromagnetic interference; fiber optic connector is far more reliable than Category 5 connector

Greatly improve the life of the network line: the cable line life is 40 years, and the communication quality will not change with time.

Scalable: Bandwidth can be increased at will, and devices can be smoothly upgraded

FTTD solution

On February 8, 2013, Huawei released the industry's Fiber to the Door (FTTD) solution, through line technology innovation and engineering.

Implementing technological innovation and operation and maintenance deployment technology innovation, realizing the use of existing home twisted pair, coaxial cable and other media, providing ultra-high bandwidth access of 100 Mbps to Gigabit, solving operators' inability to enter the FTTH/FTTB construction The problems of slow deployment, large investment, etc., meet the needs of operators to provide broadband access efficiently.

According to Huawei, the program has taken advantage of the advantages of FTTH and FTTB to solve the challenges of ultra-high bandwidth and efficient home access for FTTH and FTTB. FTTD fiber-to-the-door solution FTTD deploys fiber access equipment to the nearest outdoor location, such as front door and weak electric well, using existing telephone twisted pair, wired coaxial cable, Ethernet line power line and other media. Achieve home access, solve the problem of fiber-to-the-home; and provide 100-Gigabit to Gigabit access bandwidth through advanced VDSL2/Vectoring/Giga DSL technology. In terms of engineering implementation, the FTTD solution introduces new technologies such as reverse power supply, grounding-free, and configuration-free, realizing plug-and-play and on-site “zero configuration”; adopting the same mode as FTTH in service delivery and operation and maintenance management. The FTTH OSS system can be reused without complicated device matching work.

Fiber to the desktop

Following the large-scale construction of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), the fiber is further advanced to the user side, achieving the ultimate network solution - fiber-to-the-desktop (FTTD). Fiber-to-the-desktop (FTTD) refers to the direct connection of high-speed data transmission media such as optical fibers to computer network cards. At this stage, desktop or notebook computers are rarely equipped with fiber-optic network cards at the factory, so users need to configure the appropriate fiber-optic network card.

Some units that require high bandwidth and security requirements, such as public inspection, financial units, military units, medical and health industries, and even some large enterprises and institutions, have begun to have high demand for building fiber-to-desktop networks. This is because the fiber provides higher bandwidth, longer transmission distance and longer working life than the cable. In particular, the fiber does not have the same risk of electromagnetic leakage as the transmission rate increases. Rising, this is undoubtedly the most attractive unit for information security.

In response to the domestic demand for fiber-to-the-desktop (FTTD) network construction, the fiber-to-desktop network provides an online information display platform for engineering and technical personnel and procurement personnel. Fiber to the desktop provides device information and price information for Ethernet fiber to the desktop, including fiber routers, Ethernet fabric switches, fiber optic network cards, optical modules, and fiber optic transceivers. Plastic fiber is a new type of transmission medium in the market of 100 Mbps fiber to the desktop, and it is also a direction that fiber to the desktop network pays attention to.

In addition to the market and price information of fiber to desktop products, fiber to the desktop network is also a communication platform. I hope that the vast number of engineering and technical personnel and all friends who are interested in the realization of fiber-to-desktop can actively participate in such discussions to jointly promote the popularity of fiber-to-desktop in China.

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