Highlights from Day 2 at ECOC Exhibition 2019 in Dublin

- Sep 26, 2019-

Day 2 Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Inspired by the opening day of ECOC 2019 yesterday, visitors to the largest optical connectivity conference in Europe conducted another round of product demonstrations, lectures and speeches, and company news at the pioneer of optical communication technology, which marked this year's event for ECOC. In terms of, this is the best.

Lisa Huff, principal analyst of Ovum Optical Components, hosted a market-focused presentation that set the tone for quality insights for the rest of the day. He outlined the data center network and discussed optical integration and silicon photonics. How to influence optical communication technology. market. As the event sponsor Thomas Liljeberg, general manager of the Silicon Photonics Division of Intel, published "Integrated Silicon Photonics for Future Data Center Applications," the topic of the data center remains the focus of attendees.

n the second phase of the market focus event, exciting product announcements from ECOC exhibitors continued until the next day. Imec announced the expansion of its silicon photonics portfolio, which represents a significant advancement of 400Gb/s, surpasses optical links, and uses co-packaged optics in next-generation data center switches.

As the market focus continues in the first half of the second day, Lightwave Logic's presentation on how to address the new challenges of 400, 800 and 1600 Gbaud data rates, Hewlett Packard Enterprise's green supercomputing and Acacia Communications' coherent technology. A morning lecture on the success of photonic integration and digital silicon photonics.

After lunch, with the start of the conference on the optical transmission of services and content providers, the two market focus speakers of the conference from that day, the delegates still yearn for more.

Finisar's CTO, Martin Zirngibl, began exploring the transition from pluggable modules to co-packaged optics in the second half of the day, which will change and make sense for the industry.

The 400G took up the rest of the afternoon, first by IHS Markit, which compared the relative strengths and weaknesses of the 400G ZR, 400G ZR + and embedded 400G + coherent transceivers. The Optical Internet Forum (OIF) and Viavi Solutions for the 400ZR ecosystem deployment look to the future of 400G technology as it has entered the early stages of trial and deployment.