Horizontal Fiber Joint Box

- Mar 08, 2018-

Horizontal fiber joint box

Horizontal fiber optic splice closure, also known as optical cable splice box and barrel, it is where the cable ends access in, and then splice to the optical switch through fiber patch cord.

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Brief Introduction:

Prevents the materials aging caused by heat, cold, light, oxygen and microorganisms in nature, and has excellent mechanical strength. Rugged fiber cable splice closure shell and the main structural components can withstand the harshest environmental changes, and play a flame retardant, waterproof; protecting fiber cable during vibration, impact, cable stretching, distortion and so on.

Internal structure

1, support frame: is the main body of the internal components.

2, optical cable fixing device: used for fixing optical cable to the base and reinforcing component of optical cable. First is the strengthened fiber cable core fixed; Second, the cable and the support frame clamping fixed; Third, fiber cable and into-and-out cable of splice closure fixed with thermal shrinkable jacket.

3, Optical fiber placement device: The optical fiber connector and the remaining optical fiber can be stored in sequence. The length of the remaining optical fiber should not be less than 1m. The remaining optical fiber winding diameter is not less than 35mm. Including storage max capacity with four layers, larger capacity, and adjust the optical fiber cable tray according to the number of cores.

4, optical fiber connector protection: The heat-shrinkable protective tube on the holder of the core holder can also be fixed by the silica gel method.

5, fiber cable and splice closure sealed: polish the junction part of fiber cable and splice closure by with emery cloth at the cable entrance at the base; polish with abrasive cleaning Department, affixed aluminum foil, and then put the shrink tube on the fiber cable entrance of the splice closure, heating slowly with the heating torch light first from the middle and afterward at both ends, till the entire shrink tube can be fully contracted.


For fiber optic cable with various structures direct connection and brand connection via the ways of aerial, pipelines, direct burial etc.

The continuation of structured fiber cables in the terminal rooms.


u according to the structure, can be divided into dome and horizontal.

According to the shell material, can be divided into plastic shell and metal shell.

 According to the fiber optic cable connection, divided into direct connection and branch connection.

According to the sealing, divided into heat-shrink sealed and mechanical seal type.

 According to the cable laying, divided into overhead, pipelines (tunnels) and direct burial, etc.

According to adapter accessability, it can be divided into adapter type and non-mountable adapter type.

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