How do I know the quality of fiber optic connector manufacturers?

- Sep 07, 2017-

At present, fiber optic connector wholesalers, agents, the most troublesome is to find a better quality fiber connector manufacturers, there are many customers because of poor quality fiber optic connectors, so now the fiber connector manufacturers are a headache, do not know Choose that fiber connector manufacturers good, of course, you directly ask the supplier when people will certainly say that their quality is good, and this is to their own judgments. For example, according to the performance of fiber optic connectors, materials to determine the quality and quality problems.

Many customers friends in Baidu above asked, which is better in Shenzhen fiber optic connector manufacturers, then here I give you a brief introduction to how to look at the quality of fiber optic connectors.

1. First of all, when you look for fiber optic connector manufacturers to ask about their reputation, and then ask their company in that or factory in that, whether you can visit and study.

2. Ask them what kind of fiber optic connector is done, the general fiber connector is a ferrule, tail sets, inner frame, frame, brakes, springs, small ring, crimp ring dust cap assembled The In these ferrule, tail sets, inner frame, frame, brakes, springs, small rings, crimp ring, dust cap in several kinds of material, some material can be seen that the naked eye is relatively poor.

3. First buy a few fiber optic connectors to get back, made a jumper look at the performance of a decision to see his insertion loss data is not very good test is not in the range, is not a good plug, the face is not Ok there are no aprons. From these aspects can be evaluated it is good is bad.