How to choose MTP/MPO Patchcord?

- Mar 18, 2021-

Before purchasing MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords, we need to consider many factors. Nowadays, many suppliers can provide MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords, but not all patch cords are quality guaranteed. In order to help you choose high-quality MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords, I am here to list a few main references for choosing MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords;

1. Big-brand optical fiber cores (such as Corning, Furukawa, YOFC) can greatly improve bending performance, minimize signal loss, and achieve faster and more efficient optical fiber wiring and installation.

2. MTP/MPO connectors that comply with industry standards (such as US Conec or Senko connectors) can ensure the polarity of MTP/MPO cables and reduce insertion loss and return loss.

3. Insertion loss. In general, the insertion loss of MTP/MPO multi-mode fiber patch cords should not exceed 0.6 dB, and the insertion loss of single-mode MTP/MPO fiber patch cords should not exceed 0.75 dB. For single-mode and multi-mode MTP/MPO fiber jumpers with low insertion loss (high quality), the insertion loss is usually required to not exceed 0.35 dB. When choosing MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords, you can choose the supplier that provides the insertion loss test report.

4. Flame retardant grade (OFNP, OFNR, OFNG/OFN reduce the fire grade in order).

5. Optical fiber jumper test (end face inspection, 3D inspection, insertion return loss inspection, high and low temperature test is essential).

The above is an important reference standard for selecting MTP/MPO fiber optic patch cords. Since data centers have very high accuracy requirements for MTP/MPO, we recommend that you choose high-quality fiber optic patch cords as much as possible for efficiency and economy.

OPTICO specializes in producing high-quality MTP/MPO patch cords for more than ten years, with the advantages of low insertion loss, high return loss, high stability and reliability, and 100% 3D testing.

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