​How to Judge The Quality Of SFP Optical Module Transceiver

- Nov 05, 2020-

How to Judge The Quality Of SFP Optical Module Transceiver?


A high-quality optical module transceiver can ensure the flexible operation of a high-density optical fiber network, which facilitates subsequent management and expansion. So how should we judge the quality of the optical module? Optico Communication will give you some judgment indicators below.

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1.The optical module must comply with the MSA multi-source agreement, and the manufacturer must pass CE, ROHS, FCC certification, etc. The multi-source agreement (MSA) standard specifies the interface and size of the module, and the module manufacturer can provide the same function as the switch brand according to this agreement The optical module is compatible with a variety of original equipment.

2. The optical module should have DOM/DDM functions so that users can monitor the real-time parameters of the optical module. The specific parameters include working temperature, working voltage, working current, transmitting and receiving optical power, etc. In addition, it can also display the factory information of the module and prompt alarm/warning.

3. The optical module needs to be tested for compatibility with the real machine before leaving the factory to ensure that the optical module has good quality, performance, and compatibility, avoid network interruption, and save maintenance time and cost. It is recommended to ask the supplier before purchasing the optical module.

4. Check whether there are any traces of damage on the surface of the module, whether there are scratches on the gold fingers, etc. If there is obvious damage, it means that the optical module may be defective or second-hand.

5. It can be judged based on after-sales service. Generally, the service life of optical modules is about 2 years. Therefore, when choosing optical modules, we choose optical module suppliers with quality assurance. Optico Communication professional optical module manufacturers produce optical modules. Provide 1~2 year warranty.

6. Use an optical power detector to test whether its optical power is consistent with the parameters in the data manual. If the discrepancy is too large, it is a second-hand optical module.

Well, the above is how Optico Communication (www.fiberopticom.com) recommends how to judge the quality of the optical module transceiver. Optico Communication is a professional manufacturer for SFP optical modules in Shenzhen China. If you want to know more about SFP optical transceiver, welcome to inquire with us.