Installation Method Of Optical Cable Joint Closure Splice Box

- Jun 16, 2020-

Installation Method Of Optical Cable Joint Closure Splice Box


Fiber preparation

   1. Remove the cable sheath, (if there is, please remove the shielding and armor) and then remove the cladding to expose the loose tube. For the specific method, please follow the standard method steps recommended by the cable manufacturer and prepare a length of 3 meters.

   2. Clean the loose tube and the reinforced core sheath with a cleaning agent, remove the excess filling tube, and polish the cable sheath 150mm long with the provided sandpaper.

Installation Method Of Optical Cable Joint Box

   Optical cable installation

   1. Select the sealing ring with the smallest inner diameter according to the outer diameter of the optical cable, and sleeve the two sealing rings on the optical cable.

   2. Put the optical cable into the corresponding hole.

   3. Connect the shield and ground.

   4. Wrap self-adhesive sealing tape between the two sealing rings so that the sealing tape is wound to be flush with the outer diameter of the sealing ring to form a sealed end of the optical cable.

   5. Press the sealed end of the optical cable into the cable entrance hole.

   6. Use the hose clamp to pass through the cable stiffener fixing base and the cable core bracket, fix the cable on the base of the joint box, and tighten the hose clamp screw until the hose clamp is tightened.

   7. Put a nylon cable tie on the optical cable and cut off the remaining length.

   8. The remaining unused optical cable holes should be sealed with plugs. Sealing tape is also wrapped around the plug, and the requirements are the same as those in 5.2.4.

   9. Wrap the reinforcement member on the countersunk head screw of the welding plate support and press it tightly.

   Fiber connection:

   1. Prepare 1.5 coils of fiber after winding, and then coil all the remaining fibers in the box.

   2. Please use single-core buffer tube for single-core optical fiber reel, and use ribbon buffer tube for ribbon optical fiber reel. Tighten with nylon cable ties at the entrance of the fusion splice tray.

   3. Connect two (ribbon) optical fibers according to the prescribed method, the connector is snapped into the slot of the fusion splicing unit, and the remaining length should be coiled in the tray.

   4. Cover the fusion plate, please press it into place.

   5. According to the required capacity of the splice box, determine the number of superimposed fusion splice trays. The superimposed type of the fusion splice tray must meet the requirements of the optical fiber connector snap into the fusion splice unit and inspection and maintenance. Each two of the welding discs can be superimposed, and six holes on the rubber fold can be used to respectively clamp the three convex twists on the upper and lower discs; four rubber folds, two symmetrical positions on each side of the disc, such as five superimposed Welding disk, according to the above method, buckle the two-layer disk and the three-layer disk, the three-layer disk and the four-layer disk, the four-layer disk and the five-layer disk, and so on, the five disks are steadily stacked together. When you need to view or maintain the welding situation of a certain layer of disk, as long as the two folds of the upper layer of the single side of the disk are removed, the welding disk can be opened like turning a book page.

Installation Method Of Optical Cable Joint Box 2

  Box seal

   1. Box packaging: Before the box packaging, first tighten the valve nozzle and the ground screw. Insert the sealing strip into the sealing groove around the box body; also insert the sealing strip into the groove at the "U" grooves at both ends of the joint box. Note: Use the sealing strip, do not pull the sealing strip artificially to avoid leakage.

   2. Gently close the upper cover of the joint box and screw in the fastening bolts. The tightening sequence is in accordance with the numerical order marked on the cover. Use a torque wrench to forbid the torque to reach 25N·m.

   3. After 5 minutes, use a torque wrench to tighten sequentially, the torque still reaches 25N·m.

  Removing the lid

   1. Loosen the 10 fastening bolts in sequence, at this time the cover and the seat are still together.

   2. Take four fastening bolts and insert them into the four corners of the box respectively, and screw them into the top cover symmetrically and evenly, so that the cover and the seat are separated by up to 6mm.

   3. After 5 minutes, evenly top the cover to separate the cover and the seat >6mm, until the cover and the seat can be easily separated by hand. Note: The cover must be gently removed during separation to prevent damage to the spliced fiber.

   4. If the capacity increase or inspection is over, the cover needs to be closed again. The old sealing strip must be removed and the sealing strip must be re-applied to the sealing groove, including the seal at the cable entry end of the "U" groove.

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