Installation Steps Of CWDM System

- Jun 12, 2020-

Installation Steps Of CWDM System


CWDM system assembly steps

The assembly of the CWDM system can be divided into the following 4 steps:

Installation Steps Of CWDM System

Install the rack cabinet

The CWDM rack cabinet should be installed in a standard 1RU cabinet or rack. In addition, the CWDM rack cabinet is best installed in the cabinet or rack where the switch is located or adjacent to it, so that we can better connect the CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexing modules and CWDM SFP optical module in the switch.

Install CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexer

When installing the CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexer, first align the device with the chassis, then gently push the module into the chassis, and finally tighten the screws that secure the CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexer.

Connection of CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexer to the switch

After inserting the CWDM SFP optical module into the switch, you can use single-mode fiber jumpers to interconnect the optical module and the CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexer.

It should be noted that since the wavelengths of the ports on the CWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer are different, each port should be connected to the CWDM SFP optical module with the corresponding operating wavelength (for example, the port with a wavelength of 1470 nm should be 1470 nm optical module connection), so that the optical signal can be transmitted normally. At this point, we can distinguish optical modules of different wavelengths by identifying the color of the pull ring on the optical module

Connection of two CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexing devices

As mentioned above, CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexers must be used in pairs, so the last step in assembling a CWDM system is to connect two CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexers with fiber jumpers. It should be noted here that if the CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexer is duplex, you need to use the duplex single-mode jumper, if the CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexer is simplex, use the simplex single-mode jumper Line.

To Sum Up

The CWDM system is a cost-effective optical fiber communication solution. With the CWDM system, operators can expand the capacity of the optical fiber network based on the existing optical fiber network architecture and maximize the use of optical fiber bandwidth. FS provides a complete set of CWDM network system solutions, including 2/4/5/8/9/16/18 channel CWDM multiplexing & demultiplexer, single/duplex single mode jumper, CWDM optical module And OEO wavelength converter.


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