Intelligent Cable Distribution Frame

- Sep 08, 2020-

Intelligent Cable Distribution Frame


The integrated wiring system is a physical platform for network applications, and as the infrastructure for carrying network applications and information technology, it plays a key role in the intelligentization of buildings. Intelligent wiring provides a more convenient, humanized and intelligent solution for the management of integrated wiring system. The core of the system is the management of the physical layer, including the monitoring of the connection/disconnection status of the entire physical link.


Intelligent Cable Distribution Frame

In order to achieve real-time monitoring of the physical layer, the design and application of the hardware and supported software of the intelligent wiring system are somewhat different from the ordinary integrated wiring system. According to the different working principles of software and hardware, the design of smart wiring can be divided into two modes, single patch frame and double patch frame.


Working Principle

1 The working principle of the dual patch panel mode

1. Use two sets of intelligent distribution frames in the distribution cabinet, and set up an analyzer, and collect the connection information on the two sets of intelligent distribution frames by connecting the analyzer's I/O transmission cable to the intelligent distribution frame;

2. One group of intelligent distribution frames is used as the switch mapping distribution frame to extend the ports of the switch to the group of distribution frames;

3. Another group of intelligent distribution frames is used as a horizontal mapping distribution frame, connecting the horizontal link to the back-end modules of the group of distribution frames;

4. After connecting two sets of smart patch panels with smart jumpers, the connection information of the smart patch panels can be detected by the analyzer, and the connection status of the entire link can be detected with the SNMP function


The positioning of the patch panel is a modular device that manages the front-end information points at the central office.


System Advantages

1. Real-time monitoring of end-to-end network connections

2. Control the execution of work tasks (such as jumpers, etc.)

3. Graphically display the connection architecture of the physical layer

4. Automatically identify network and topology structure

5. Detect the intrusion of illegal equipment

6. Support PBX system

7. Support IP phone system

8. Search function

9. Asset management

10. Reporting function

11. Combination with other intelligent systems

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