Knowledge About FC Fiber Optic Connectors

- Jan 26, 2018-

FC, Fiber Channel, Fiber Channel technology, it was earliest used in the SAN (storage area network). FC interface is an interface standard for optical fiber docking. Other common types are: ST, SC, LC, MTRJ and so on. Developed in 1988, FC was first used to increase the transmission bandwidth of hard disk protocols and focused on the fast, efficient and reliable transmission of data. By the late 90s of last century, FC SAN began to be widely used on a large scale. 


FC Fiber Channel has its own protocol layers, which are:

FC-0: interface to connect physical media, cables, etc .; definition of encoding and decoding standards.

FC-1: transport protocol layer or data link layer, encoding or decoding signal.

FC-2: Network layer, the core of Fiber Channel, defines frames, flow control, and quality of service.

FC-3: Defines common services such as data encryption and compression.

FC-4: Protocol mapping layer, which defines the interface between Fiber Channel and upper layer applications. The upper layer applications such as serial SCSI protocol and HBA driver provide the interface functions of FC-4. FC-4 supports multi-protocol, such as: FCP-SCSI, FC-IP, FC-VI.

The main part of Fiber Channel is actually FC-2. Among them from FC-0 to FC-2 is called FC-PH, namely "physical layer". Fiber Channel is primarily transported over FC-2, so Fiber Channel is also often referred to as "Layer 2" or "Ethernet-like."


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