Metal Iron Fiber Terminal Box

- Mar 14, 2018-

Metal Iron Fiber Terminal Box


The fiber optic terminal box is the end connector of a fiber optic cable. Its one end is an optical fiber cable and the other is a fiber pigtail. It is equivalent to a device that splits a fiber optic cable into single optical fibers. The user optical cable terminal box installed on the wall provides the function of welding optical fibers and optical fibers, welding optical fibers and pigtails, and transferring of optical connectors. It also provides mechanical protection and environmental protection for optical fibers and their components, and allows proper inspections to maintain the highest standards of fiber management.


Product Characteristics:

1.Provide a protective connection between fiber optic cable and wiring pigtail;

2. Insulate the optical cable metal components from the cable end housing and easily lead to ground;

3. Providing the installation of optical fiber cable terminals and the storage space of the end optical fiber for easy installation and operation;

4. The box body with enough anti-impact strength is fixed to facilitate installation in different occasions;

5. Installation methods optional for wall mounting or direct placement in the channel etc., ;


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