Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

- Mar 18, 2020-

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)


Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is based on a large-scale LAN, usually using a technology similar to LAN. The reason why MAN is listed separately is that there is already a standard: the distributed two-way bus DQDB (Distributed Queue Dual Bus), which is IEEE802.6. DQDB is composed of dual buses, and all computers are connected to it.

The so-called broadband metropolitan area network is a high-bandwidth, multi-functional, multi-service access multimedia communication based on IP and ATM telecommunications technology and using optical fiber as the transmission medium within the city scope. The internet.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

It can meet the increasing demand for high-speed, quantitative data communication services from government agencies, financial insurance, large and medium-sized schools, corporate companies and other units, especially the rapidly growing Internet user group's demand for broadband high-speed Internet access.

The metropolitan area network can cover several office buildings not far away, or a city; it can be a private network or a public network. Metropolitan area networks can support both data and voice transmission, and can also be connected to cable television. Metropolitan area networks generally contain only one or two cables and no switching equipment, so their design is relatively simple.


Three-tier network architecture

Core layer: Provide Internet export, interconnect with major IP networks at home and abroad, and local IDC, CDN

Central shareholder interconnection, etc.

Aggregation layer: As a regional tandem point of the IP metropolitan area network, it reasonably controls and distributes the traffic of the receiving network, and provides interconnection with other ISPs, CDN distribution, and mass storage stacks.

Access layer: Provides various access methods for various communities, business users, IP-VPN, wireless local area networks, etc.


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