MPO Jumper Use Method And Precautions

- Jun 16, 2020-

MPO Jumper Use Method And Precautions

MPO fiber connector research and development and application in practical engineering have important roles and significance, greatly increasing the popularity of optical networks and reducing costs. This is a very important application in optical fiber communication networks, transmission systems, and CATV networks. At the same time, the application of MPO fiber jumper high-density wiring in practical engineering has an important role and significance. A very particular knowledge and skills are also an important link. Therefore, pay attention to the following points during wiring and use:

MPO Jumper Use Method And Precautions

1,When the MPO fiber connector is docked, be sure to confirm the docking position. Under normal circumstances, you will hear the crisp sound of "click". If you don't hear it, try to reinsert it.

2,The cleanliness of the end surface of the MPO fiber connector has a great influence on the loss of the fiber link, so do not let anything touch the end surface of the MPO fiber connector. If accidentally encountered, please clean the end face with a special MPO cleaner before docking.

Under normal circumstances, remove the dust cap only when the MPO connector is docked, otherwise do not remove it in advance, so as to prevent the MPO end face from being dirty on site.

3,The MPO optical fiber adopts a conventional indoor sheath. It should be noted during construction that the optical cable cannot be forcibly dragged to avoid breaking or damage to the optical cable.

4,Do not pull or squeeze the fiber jumper. When installing an optical fiber jumper, excessive force may exert pressure on the optical fiber jumper and the connectors at both ends, thereby affecting its performance.

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