MPO (Multi Push On) Connector

- Nov 21, 2017-

MPO (Multi Push On) Connector

MPO(Multi Push On) connector is one kind of fiber connectors. It is a multi cores fiber optic connector type, adopted by IEEE standard as one kind of connectors for 40G/100G transmission. MPO high density optical fiber pre-connection system is mainly applied in 3 major fields: application in high density environment of data center, application for fiber to the building, application for optical transmitter-receiver connection, e.g. PLC splitter, 40G, 100G, QSFP+, etc.

MPO 2.jpg

MPO is one standard for multi-core connectors, usually ranking 12-core fibers as one array. It can support one or multi arrays into one same MPO connector, regulated by the standard of IEC61754-7. According to the ranking fiber cores within the connector, MPO is divided into one array(12 fiber cores), multiple array (24 cores or more).

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According to IEC 61754-7 standard, MPO connector is divided by the following factors: fiber cores(array number), male-female connector, Key, PC/APC.

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