MTP cabling scheme-data center cabling trends.

- Mar 16, 2021-

The traditional LC cabling system has long been unable to meet the high transmission rate and high density requirements in large data centers, so some IT designers turn to MTP cabling solutions. This wiring scheme is different from LC wiring and can perfectly adapt to the requirements of high-speed, high-density and structural wiring. The specific advantages are as follows:

1. Stable and durable

2. High density and expandable

For more than ten years, MTP connectors have been used in different environments and have solved the problem of carrying multiple optical fibers with small capacity. For example, the LC duplex connection can accommodate 144 fibers in a 1U chassis, while the MTP can accommodate 864 fibers, which is nearly six times the number of the former.

Three, save time and worry, high deployment efficiency

Using plug-and-play pre-installed cables, the entire installation process will be more time-saving and worry-free, and the subsequent maintenance costs will be lower.

Fourth, prepare for the network upgrade

MTP cabling can be used for direct connection of 40G-40G, 100G-100G, 200G-200G, 400G-400G, as well as upgrade and uplink connection. It is very common to use MTP cabling system 10G to upgrade to 40G/100G/120G, and it is an economical and reliable choice to upgrade 10G network to higher speed Ethernet. At the same time, the uplink connection between devices of different speeds can also be realized through the MTP cabling system, such as 25G-100G, 50G-200G/400G, 100G-400G, 200G-400G.

Five, structured rack cabling

MTP structured cabling provides a hierarchical structure for the network, and will provide multiple connection solutions through the convergence layer, which can reduce the problem of cable clutter. When the data center needs to expand in the future, a long-term solution can be built by installing a structured MTP cabling system.

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