MTP Patch Cord/Jumper

- Feb 06, 2018-

MTP Patch Cord/Jumper


MTP connector and fiber optic cable can be produced into various forms of MPO jumpers after processing. MTP jumpers can have 2 to 24 cores design, can be up to 72 cores, currently the most used is 12 core & 24 core MPO connector. MPO connector’s compact design, makes MTP jumper with multi-cores and small size. MTP jumpers are widely used in high-density integrated fiber optic cable environments where FTTX, 40/100GSFP, SFP transceivers, or both inside and outside the equipment are required for cabling. 


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The compact design of the MTP connector allows MTP jumpers to have many cores and small size, with 12 and 24 cores being the most commonly used. It is the same size as an SC connector and can accommodate up to 12 fibers or 24 fibers, saving space on circuit card and rack. With MTP trunk jumpers, can install a complete fiber backbone without requiring any on-site termination and. In addition, MTP connectors are fully compliant with all MPO connector professional standards and are compatible with the VZ TPR.9431, IEC-61754-7 and EIA / TIA-604-5. It can be used to replace MPO connectors for better performance. It uses a simple push-pull locking structure for easy and intuitive insertion and removal.

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MTP fiber jumpers can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as backbone networks, fiber optic cabling, high-density data center environments, warehouses, ribbon cable terminations, rapid service setup and playback system solutions, and parallel optical interconnects between servers.


In addition to these commonly used applications, MTP trunk jumper and MTP branch jumpers have their own special purpose. MTP trunk jumper can be 12-144 core. These high-density multi-core MTP components are ideal for backbone and data center applications that meet the high density needs in a limited space. MTP fan-out components can be connected to devices or panels with ST, SC, FDDI, ESCON connectors to meet a variety of fiber cabling requirements. This component is pre-wired for patch panels and wall-mounted cabinets.


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