Multi Mode Fiber

- Mar 31, 2018-

Multi Mode Fiber

Multi mode fiber, one kind of fiber that can transmit multiple modes of light at a given operating wavelength. According to its distribution of refractive index is divided into mutant and gradient type. The numerical aperture of ordinary multimode fiber is 0.2±0.02, and the core diameter/outer diameter is 50 μm/125 μm. The transmission parameters are bandwidth and loss. Since there are as many as hundreds of modes transmitted in a multi-mode optical fiber, the propagation constants and group rates of the modes are different, so that the optical fiber has a narrow bandwidth, a large dispersion, and a large loss. The optical fiber communication system is suitable only for medium-short distance and small-capacity optical fibers. 

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Multi Mode Fiber

The multimode fiber allows different modes of light transmission over one fiber. Because the core diameter of the multimode fiber is larger, a less expensive coupler and connector can be used. The core diameter of the multimode fiber is 50 μm to 100 μm.


There are basically two kinds of multimode optical fibers, one is graded and the other is stepped. For a graded fiber, the refraction index of the core is on the periphery of the core. The smallest and gradually increasing to the center point reduces the modal dispersion of the signal, while for a stepped index cable, the refractive index is essentially constant and only on the surface of the cladding. Suddenly lower. Stepped fibers are generally lower in bandwidth than graded fibers. In network applications, the most popular multimode fiber is 62.5/125. 62.5/125 means that the fiber core diameter is 62.5 μm and the cladding diameter is 125 μm. Other common ones are 50/125 and 100/140

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