OLT (Optical line terminal)

- Apr 26, 2018-


OLT: Optical line terminal, which is used to connect optical fiber terminal equipment. The central office equipment (OLT) in the EPON passive optical network system is a multi-service provision platform that supports both IP services and traditional TDM services. Placed at the edge of the metropolitan area network or at the exit of the community access network, converged access services are delivered to the IP network.

OLT (optical line terminal).jpg

The OLT Functions are as below:

1. Send Ethernet data to the ONU (Optical Network Unit) in broadcast mode;

2. Initiate and control the ranging process and record distance measurement information;

3. Allocate bandwidth for the ONU; that is, control the start time of the ONU to send data and the size of the send window.

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