ONU ( Optical Network Unit )

- Jan 05, 2019-

ONU (Optical Network Unit)


ONU (Optical Network Unit) An optical network unit. The ONU is divided into an active optical network unit and a passive optical network unit. A device equipped with an optical receiver including an optical receiver, an upstream optical transmitter, and multiple bridge amplifiers is generally called an optical node. The PON is connected to the OLT using a single fiber, and then the OLT is connected to the ONU. The ONU provides services such as data, IPTV (interactive network TV), and voice (using IAD, Integrated Access Device) to truly implement the “triple-play” application.


ONU(Optical Network Unit)



Select to receive broadcast data sent by the OLT;

Responding to the ranging and power control commands issued by the OLT; and making corresponding adjustments;

Caching the user's Ethernet data and sending it in the upstream direction in the transmission window allocated by the OLT;

Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3/802.3ah;

· Receive sensitivity up to -25.5dBm;

· Transmit power up to -1 to +4dBm;

• The PON is connected to the OLT using a single fiber and then the OLT is connected to the ONU. ONU provides services such as data, IPTV (interactive network TV), voice (using IAD, Integrated Access Device), and truly implements a “triple-play” application;

Maximum rate PON: symmetrical 10Gb/s data, VoIP voice and IP video services;

· ONU "plug and play" based on automatic discovery and configuration;

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) functionality based on Service Level Agreement (SLA) charging;

· Rich remote management capabilities supported by powerful OAM functions;

High sensitivity light reception and low input light power consumption;

· Support Dying Gasp function;




Active light

The active optical network unit is mainly used in the integration of the three networks. It integrates the full-band RF output of CATV; high-quality VOIP audio; three-layer routing mode, wireless access and other functions to easily realize the access of the three-network convergence terminal equipment.

Passive light

A passive ONU (Optical Network Unit) is a user-side device of a GEPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) system, and is used to terminate a service transmitted from an OLT (Optical Line Terminal) through an EPON (Passive Optical Network). In conjunction with the OLT, the ONU can provide various broadband services to connected users. Such as Internet surfing, VoIP, HDTV, VideoConference and other services. As the user-side device of the FTTx application, ONU is a high-bandwidth and cost-effective terminal device necessary for the transition from the "Bronze Age" to the "Fiber Age". As the ultimate solution for users' wired access, GEPON ONU plays an important role in the overall network construction of NGN (Next Generation Network) in the future.

The UTStarcom ONU 1001i is a cost-effective user terminal for GEPON systems. Designed for home users and SOHO users, it provides a gigabit-rate broadband connection to user gateways and/or PCs. The ONU 1001i provides one 1000Base-TEthernet network port for data and IPTV video services. The ONU1001i can be remotely configured and managed by the UTStarcom BBS series optical line terminal (OLT).



The ONU 1001i uplink connects to the central office (CO) through the GEPON port, and the individual user or SOHO user provides one Gigabit Etherenet network port. As a future solution for FTTx, the ONU 1001i delivers powerful voice, high-speed data and video services over a single fiber GEPON.

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