Optical Fiber Channel

- Sep 15, 2020-

Optical Fiber Channel


Optical fiber channel is a cable channel specially made for optical fiber wiring through extrusion molding and injection molding technology. It is also called optical fiber cable channel or optical fiber cable channel. The optical fiber channel has a compact structure and good capacity expansion, and is generally used in indoor optical fiber wiring.


Optical Fiber Channel

Features Of Fiber Channel

1. The cables can be laid out reasonably to make the wiring environment neat and beautiful;

2. Modular design, smooth and neat cutting surface, safe and convenient installation;

3. Light weight, strong ability to bear impact load;

4. Closed or semi-closed design can protect the optical fiber from damage;

5. Various shapes of optical fiber channels can meet various wiring requirements and are flexible in configuration;

6. It has anti-aging, impact resistance, mechanical properties, flame retardancy, etc.


Application Of Fiber Channel

The flexible wiring of the optical fiber channel can meet various wiring needs, and can be used in data centers, wiring closets, telecommunication rooms, computer rooms, etc. in industries such as petroleum, chemical, office, steel, and factories.


Application Of Fiber Channel

According to different shapes (use scenarios), optical fiber channels can be divided into linear, three-way, four-way, horizontal 90° elbow, upward 45°, downward 45°, and other shapes. Fiber optic channels are divided into PVC fiber optic channels, ABS fiber optic channels and PVC/ABS fiber optic channels according to different materials.

Fiber Channel Types

With the construction and promotion of 5G and the rise and development of data centers, the market demand for optical communication products and devices is exploding, and higher requirements are placed on quality and performance.


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