Optical Fiber Communication

- Apr 25, 2019-

Optical Fiber Communication


Optical fiber communication: refers to a communication method that uses light as an information carrier and optical fiber as a transmission medium. It first needs to photoelectrically convert the signals, such as telephone, telegram, image and data, to be transmitted at the transmitting end, that is, the electrical signal becomes an optical signal, and then the optical fiber is transmitted to the receiving end, and the receiving end converts the received optical signal into an electrical signal. And finally restored to an electrical signal. 

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Compared with cable or microwave isoelectric communication, the advantages of optical fiber communication are as follows:

1,The transmission frequency band is extremely wide and the communication capacity is large;

2,Since the fiber attenuation is small, thousands of kilometers can be realized without relay;

3,Crosstalk Small, high signal transmission quality;

4,Optical fiber anti-electromagnetic interference, good confidentiality;

5,Small size, light weight, easy to transport and lay;

6,Chemical resistance;

7,Optical fiber is made of quartz glass Forming, rich sources of raw materials, and saving a lot of non-ferrous metals.

Optical fiber communication has the following disadvantages at the same time: 1,The bending radius of the fiber should not be too small;

2,The cutting and connecting operation of the fiber is complicated;

3,The branching and coupling are troublesome.


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