Optical Rod / Fiber / Optical Cable

- Apr 02, 2020-

Optical Rod / Fiber / Optical Cable

The optical fiber industry chain is generally divided into optical fiber preforms-optical fibers-optical cables. The optical fiber preforms are drawn into optical fibers, and the optical fibers and protective sleeves are used to make optical cables.

Optical fiber, the full name is optical fiber, is a fiber made of glass or plastic, which can be used as a light transmission tool. At present, the optical fiber used for communication is basically a quartz-based optical fiber, and its main component is high-purity quartz glass.

 Optical fiber

Optical rod is an abbreviation of optical fiber preform, which is the core raw material for manufacturing quartz series optical fiber. It is a special glass prefabricated rod used for drawing optical fiber (filament).

Optical rod

An optical fiber cable is made of one or more optical fibers or bundles that conform to chemical, mechanical, and environmental characteristics. No matter what kind of structure the optical cable, it basically consists of three parts: cable core, reinforcing element and sheath.

fiber cable

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