PLC Splitter

- Jan 12, 2018-

PLC Splitter


PLC Planar waveguide optical splitter (PLC Splitter) is a quartz substrate based integrated waveguide optical power distribution device. Same as the coaxial cable transmission system, the optical network system also need to couple, branch, distribute the optical signal, which need PLC splitter to achieve.


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PLC Splitter is one of the most important passive components in the optical fiber link. It is a fiber optic convergence device with multiple input ends and multiple output ends, especially suitable for connecting local and terminal equipment in the passive optical network (EPON, GPON, BPON, etc.) and realize the optic signal branching.



Bare fiber type, miniature (steel pipe / module) type, ABS box type, branching type, tray type, insert type, rack type ......



Rack-mount: installed in a 19-inch OLT cabinet. When fiber optic branches into the homes, the installation equipment provided is a standard digital cabinet.

ABS box: installed in a 19-inch standard rack. When the fiber branch in the home, the installation equipment provided is the fiber cross connection cabinet. When the fiber branches into home, the customer specify equipment installation.

Bare fiber type: ① installed in various types of pigtail box. ② installed in various types of test instruments and WDM systems.

Splitter type: ① installed in various types of light equipment. ② installed in various types of optical test instruments.

Miniature: ① installed in the fiber cable splice closures. ② installed in the module box. ③ installed in the wiring box.

LGX Plug-in: This equipment is used for the split user access point in FTTX system, mainly for completing the cable into the terminal when into the district or building. It is with the functions of fiber fixed, stripping, welding, jumper, splitter and so on. After optical signal splitting, entering the end user of FTTH cable.

Tray: Suitable for all types of  integrated installation e.g. PLCl splitters, wavelength division multiplexers, etc.

Selecting high-quality fiber optic connectors, adapters, low insertion loss, high return loss;

Note: A single tray can be configured up to 1 x 16 adapter interface, double tray can be configured up to 1 x 32 adapter interface.


LGX PLC Splitter 4.jpg

Advantages and disadvantages


(1)The loss is not sensitive to the wavelength of the transmitted light, which can meet the transmission needs of different wavelengths.

(2) uniform-split light, the signal can be evenly distributed to users.

(3) Compact structure, small size, can be directly installed in the existing cross connection cabinet, no need for special design to leave large space for installation.

(4) A single device shunts many channels, up to 32 or more.

(5) Multi-channel with low cost, the more the branches are, the more obvious  the cost advantage is.


(1) device manufacturing process is complex, high technical threshold. The current chips are monopoly by several foreign companies, the domestic production of high-volume packaging enterprises only a few.

(2) The cost is higher than that of the fused taper splitter, especially at disadvantage in the low-channel splitter.

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