Precautions For Using Optical Cable

- Jul 03, 2020-

Precautions For Using Optical Cable

Optical cable is a cable formed by optical fiber through a certain process. It is covered with a sheath, and some are also covered with an outer sheath, which is a communication line used to realize optical signal transmission. What should we pay attention to when using optical cables? 

Precautions For Using Optical Cable

Below are some precautions:

1. After receiving the optical cable, the user should check the optical cable qualification certificate and data in a timely manner, check the cable number, model, core number and length, etc., and check whether the outer packaging is damaged.

2. In the field of construction, when unloading the optical cable from the car, use a straight plate to place between the car platform and the ground, forming a slope at 45 degrees. Use a rope to pass through the middle hole of the optical cable, and pull the two ends of the rope on the car. Make the optical cable slide down the slope of the board quickly.

3. For the placement of the optical cable with a length of more than 2KM, it can not be placed from the beginning to the end at one time.

4. When unloading the optical cable from the car, it is best to use a forklift or crane hoist to gently place the optical cable from the car on the ground.

5. When unloading the optical cable, it is strictly prohibited to stack and lay it, and it is strictly forbidden to directly drop the optical cable from a high place, and it will be damaged by placing a strong impact on the optical cable.

6. When placing the optical cable, a piece of traction rope must be connected to the optical cable reinforcement and fixed with a mesh sleeve or tape to the sheath. If it is a pipeline optical cable, a special rotating traction head must be added between the traction rope and the cable reinforcement, and it is not allowed to directly pull the outer jacket of the optical cable for traction.

7. When you need to roll the optical cable, you should roll in the direction of the rotation arrow marked on the cable reel, but you cannot roll it for a long distance.

8. Before the construction, a single disk inspection of the optical cable is required, such as the quality of the outer sheath and the attenuation index.

9. The tension applied during the construction of the optical cable shall not exceed the provision of the permissible short-term force that it can bear, and shall not exceed the provision of the permissible long-term force during operation.

10. During the construction and placement of the optical cable, it must not be bent or form a 90-degree right angle bend; avoid serious bending of the optical cable and lead to "dead buckle".

11. The construction of optical cables should be carried out under the guidance of corresponding qualified technical personnel.

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