Reinforced fiber patch cord: the first choice for harsh environments!

- Nov 12, 2020-

Armored fiber optic Patchcord

Armored fiber optic jumpers are more robust than ordinary fiber optic jumpers. In some harsh environments, ordinary optical fiber jumpers are susceptible to wind, rain, mouse bites, and low temperatures. After a long period of use, the surface is prone to wear and tear, which affects signal transmission. The armored jumper is specially designed with a small flexible stainless steel sleeve to protect the optical fiber, and then a flame-retardant PVC coating is added to the sleeve to achieve moisture-proof and fire-proof functions. Armored fiber optic jumpers can be divided into single-mode and multi-mode, and the connector types are various, including LC, SC, FC, ST, LC/APC, SC/APC, FC/APC, etc.

Armored fiber optic patch cords have the characteristics of tensile strength, compression resistance, rodent bite resistance, and resistance to damage by stepping on. They can also be used in harsh outdoor environments where there is a lot of dust or damage by rodents. The following figure shows three application scenarios of armored optical cables in indoor applications.

Waterproof fiber optic patch cord

The IP67 waterproof fiber optic patch cord complies with the Open Equipment Vendors Association (ODVA) standard and meets the IP66/67 environmental sealing rating. It has a sturdy PU sheath and armored structure, and can be used in high temperature or harsh environments. Among them, IP (Ingress Protection Rating) refers to the ability of optical fiber to protect against solid and liquid particles. The first digit after IP refers to the solid-state protection rating, ranging from 0 to 6, indicating protection from large particles of foreign matter to dust; The two digits are the liquid protection level, which respectively represent the protection from vertical water droplets to the bottom pressure. The larger the number, the higher the liquid protection level. According to the type of connector, IP67 waterproof optical fiber jumper can be divided into IP67 MTP/MPO waterproof optical cable, IP67 LC waterproof optical cable and so on. IP67 waterproof fiber optic jumpers have anti-mouse function, suitable for use in communication towers and CATV (public antenna television), industrial, FTTA or other harsh environments to provide protection for the network.


Military-grade field fiber patch cord

Military-grade field optical fiber jumpers are made of SUS spring tube, Kevlar synthetic fiber, braided layer and TPU jacket. It has the advantages of impact resistance, pressure resistance, and good flexibility, which meets military requirements. Its bending resistance, abrasion resistance, flame retardant and oil resistance also make it very suitable for applications in indoor and outdoor environments, such as the need for rapid wiring or repeated use in field operations and complex environments.

The deployment of military-grade field optical fiber jumpers is considered to be a relatively fast and effective solution in the military field, because it is very suitable for military emergency communications, radio and television, emergency rescue through optical fiber communications, mining and other protection from moisture, chemical substances and Outdoor application of corrosive gas.


Horizontal or vertical wiring

Connecting AAU and RRU base station

Harsh environment

FTTA remote jumper

FTTA pull-out jumpers are generally terminated by LC connectors and have a low-smoke, halogen-free sheath, which can prevent ultraviolet radiation and chemical corrosion, and is very suitable for outdoor harsh environments. The hard armored tube of the FTTA pull-out jumper makes it more stable and has higher tensile strength, which can meet the installation needs of indoor and outdoor environments.


These FTTA pull-out jumpers have excellent compressive strength and good flexibility. They are specially designed for extremely harsh outdoor environment applications. They have high reliability and reduce long-term operation and maintenance costs. They can be applied to fiber-to-antenna (FTTA) connections of current 4G/LTE and 5G networks and base station structures that connect AAU and RRU. They are also suitable for horizontal and vertical wiring structures in indoor and outdoor environments.


Reinforced fiber optic patch cords play an important role in wiring in harsh environments such as mining, damp, and long-term chemical erosion. They can be deployed not only in indoor data centers, but also in outdoor military defense fields. The armored fiber patch cords, IP67 fiber patch cords and FTTA fiber patch cords mentioned in this article can all be used in these environments. You can choose the appropriate fiber patch cords according to your specific needs.